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The Brain Sensing Headband / Meditation Tracker

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This is a training tool to help you improve your meditation practice. The Muse: Meditation and Sleep app works in tandem with the headband, and is available for free on the Apple Store and for Google Play Store. Connect your charged Muse 2 headband to your app via Bluetooth, fit it comfortably and put on your favorite headphones. Select the Mind, Heart, Body or Breath Meditation experience you wish to be immersed in. Close your eyes and breathe—once the headband calibrates, you’ll hear the soothing sounds responding to the fluctuations of your mind and body. Learn how to tune in and relax your mind and body with the guidings soundscapes that cue you to find your focus. Once complete, you’ll be able to review post-session reporting in the app. Set reminders and goals, level up with challenges, and measure your progress in the Muse app to stay on track with your meditation practice.

Customer Reviews

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soudais mickael


Very cool device

I have been using the Muse 2 for almost two months now. I started out with the mind meditation section of the app. I was a little skeptical at first, and it took me a few days to get the hang of it, but once I understood what I needed to do to register on the app that I was calm, I was totally sold. Since getting the Muse, I have only missed a few days meditation and am currently on an 11 day streak. I have meditated before using many methods, without much success. The Muse helps me to be more consistent and have a quantifiable metric of how I am doing. Simply a very neat and useful device. I also love that there are third party apps (Mind Monitor is awesome) out there for measuring EEGs. When I started the highest I was able to get in being calm during a session was 50%. Now I am averaging between 80 and 90%. I can really feel the difference in how my brain is working and how I am responding to stress. When this one dies, I will definitely be getting the next version.

Perfect For those in mental help needs

One must have location and bluetooth on for it to work.Great payment planGreat productGreat to calm me when a panic attack starts. It stopped the rooming in my mindBaby stepsWished would allow their appOn a android cell its way to small to seeApple has far better app that works across all apple productsI would sudjest that muse makes a deal with microsoft

Rosemarie S.
Love It!!

So I have meditated on and off for a couple of years now. Using different apps like calm 10% happier and Headspace. All Good resources but just never grabbed me. I also have been looking at the Muse and trying to justify $250 for something to help me sit in quite. All I really need is a timer.The muse has been amazing I have meditated for close to two months now. It is easy to use and does help by making it attractive to see how many birds I hear. When you are really in the zone the birds will chirp. Anyway a friend asked if anyone knew anything about this thing called the Muse. That he liked it but was looking for others opinions. That got me to go look for one and I found one in the Wharehouse for $185. So essentially 25% off I pounced on it and I'm glad I did. They give you small challenges to hit. Like meditate for 5mins, now meditate for 5 mins 3 days straight. Meditate two consecutive days at the same time of day. They help you build a habit of meditating. The low down is this it's neat to have and use but it's not essential. It has helped me enjoy meditation more. A great product worth a test drive.

Great product that requires relaxation games and more compatibility in the future.

I have been using Muse 2 for a month and I'm happy about it. I purchased it just because I was curious, but I didn't expect to see any result. When I started, my quiet moments were really low but, after a month, they have increased significantly. The headband is light and comfortable and the sensors work well. I started using it for brain mapping but I soon realise that Muse 2 is less supported than the older models. They should probably improve its compatibility. Recently, I discovered they have a very supportive meditation community on Facebook which I decided to join. There are three annoying things: You have to pay for guided meditations; You cannot use all the sensors together (brain, EEG and accelerometer); there are no games you can use with Muse. Apart from this, the product is excellent.

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