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Anti-Spasticity Ball Splint & Finger Posture Corrector

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  • KEEP FINGERS FROM BALLING UP - Our hand splint is perfect for helping to reduce the tightness of your fingers, the ball helps to position the fingers so they stay open, prevents finger flexion convulsion and joint deformation.
  • PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR WRIST - Built-in metal aluminum bar is designed to place your hand in a comfortable, neutral position, that prevents finger and wrist flexion while supporting the palmar arch.
  • EXERCISE HAND AND FINGER MUSCLES - Soft foam ball is for hand muscles exercise, fixes finger in function such as brain injury, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction sequela of cerebral surgery or Parkinson's disease and peripheral neuropathy impairment caused by hand.
  • FITTING FOR BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT HAND - One size fits most, allows fitting for both left and right hand, for the maximum wrist circumference 31cm / 12.2".

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bradey TriplettBradey Triplett
Relief from my stroke spasticity, None like it

I had a massive stroke 6 years ago and my hand that's paralyzed gripped very tightly as a reflex. I used many braces for trying to keep the pain and spasms. There are SO MANY braces I have used and many more available. None I have encountered had the aspect of holding each finger individually, something that completely prevents my fingers from contracting in any way, when my fingers go to tighten and squeeze with this it only squeezes a stress ball. Ingenious really. If I were to put a ball in my hand without this brace, my knuckles would fold into a position that would ignore the ball. I tried so many things to stop this qnd my fingers were too strong that anything trying to force my knuckles into a solid position it's very painful because my knuckles don't care if something tries to stop it. It will break my fingers out of the force. With the fact each finger is separately held onto a different position on the stress ball prevents my knuckles from curling but the ball pushes back in a non painful Manner. I don't usually feel compelled to write review like this, but it really needs your attention. If you know someone with spastic painful fingers that are paralyzed get them this. I have such relief from constant pain.

Pregnancy carpal tunnel

I experience pregnancy carpal tunnel that had me waking up not able to use my hands every morning. The doctor had me using basic carpal tunnel night splints and athletic tape to tape a ball in each hand - not a great solution. The ball often came out and it was a huge pain to use the bathroom ten times a night. I spoke with an office in town that does prosthetics and they recommended this splint instead of something custom as an affordable solution. I find them comfortable enough to sleep in and I can get myself in and out of them during the night if needed. They keep me from curling my wrists and hands effectively while sleeping, which helps me have more functional hands in the morning.

Exactly as described.

Exactly what we needed.

Wonderful item!

I purchased this for a friend that had a stroke. She had had one from the doctor’s office therapist that didn’t last long. This provides the same support and much more stylish. Thank you

Great for stroke

I bought this for my grandmother who had a stroke. This splint keeps her hand stretched and open, the ball in the middle is very soft and can exercise the fingers. We've seen significant improvements after several uses. The velcro on the finger makes it easy to put on and take off.

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