Where Scandvia Began...

Bernadette LivoriI first started thinking about an online store when I was trying to find solutions to everyday challenges for my disabled partner. Simple things such as grab handles in the shower or bath came in white plastic or chrome and were chunky looking. I thought surely, it’s worth putting more effort into these products to brighten the lives of those living with difficulties.

Now many years later I am starting to build that store, Scandvia. The goal is to provide a one-stop-shop of both affordable products and add in some luxury products providing an alternative to the clinical and boring assistance products available elsewhere.  One example is Scandvia's contemporary CPAP pillow which comes in a blue/gray stripe cover with a modern latte stripe to be released soon..

Most of the Scandvia range at the moment consists of everyday products including grabber/reachers, aids in the kitchen such as jar openers, sciatica cushions, aromatherapy products, compression garments, easy-wear clothes or  beautiful cushions designed to brighten your day.

Scandvia’s attitude is, why should those living with chronic illness or disease or disability not be able to surround themselves with beauty. Boring, clinical products are not what we’re about. Let’s make them fun and luxurious.

So, to that end, I came up with Scandvia's mission and values. They will continually evolve and are currently based on what I have learnt in my role as a carer. Feedback from my customers will shape the store into the future.